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Welcome to BitCartel
BitCartel is a cloud mining company that supports multiple crypto currency mining. Created in 2018 as a small private mining group by crypto & blockchain enthusiasts. We are providing a reliable and easiest mining opportunity using our easy to use investment dashboard. BitCartel is making mining truly accessible and newbie friendly to everyone regardless of our user investment size, crypto currency technical background and experiences Our smart mining technology enable us to mine the most profitable coins with the help of our in-house AI Mining software we are able to determined which coin provides most profits in real time making our mining operation 100% fully automated.
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What is Cloud Mining?
Cloud mining offers crypto currency mining without the need of hardware and technical expertise. A simple turnkey investment solutions that is open for everyone.
What business are we in?
Bitcartel is a cloud mining company that runs a crowd funded mining operation using Smart Mining Technology and our In-house AI Mining software.
Cooperation program
Our staffs includes Blockchain engineer and Developer that maintain our current infrastructure, A financial analyst to make sure we stay a profitable company and different blockchain and trading analyst that provides and monitors the current market trends.
Investment Plan
Cartel Plan
  • Min Deposit : From 5$
  • Term deposit : 30 Days
  • Principal : Included in the payout
Calculator on Deposits
Find out how much you can earn
Reliable & Trustworthy
Reliable Company
BitCartel is registered UK limited company that provides global investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency mining industries.
Daily Profit
Using our smart mining technology we are able to generate profits on the go and provides a real time profit share to all our cloud mining contract owners.
Secured Investment
Using our AI Mining Software that make sure we only mine the most profitable coin in real-time. Our Front end website are hosted in a secured DDoS protected server with additional 256Bit SSL Encryption.
Our company is organized by 5+ years experienced management team.
It's a legal investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom with companies house in London. Company Number: 11926017
Our server fully protected from DDoS attack. We use one of the most experienced, professional and trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider.
Our company has gone through several verification processes through comodo and use SSL Certificate from COMODO CA LIMITED
Latest News
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5 Level Referral system
1 Level - 5%
2 Level - 2%
3 Level - 1%
4 Level - 1%
5 Level - 1%

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